When it comes to making an entrance- the front door takes center stage. Front doors do so much more than keep us safe from the elements- they define our home’s style, provide a first impression and contribute to the curb appeal of our home, thus raising its value.

When choosing your entry door, there are 3 common types of materials used: wood, fiberglass and steel.


Fiberglass doors resist wear and tear and come in a variety of styles with smooth surfaces, or an embossed wood grain texture. Because they can be stained or painted, they make a good choice for versatility. They are also very durable, often lasting longer than steel doors.


Wood doors come in a variety of styles, so there’s plenty of room for play here. Solid wood doors resist wear and tear and are usually the least likely to dent. They are sensitive to the sun and moisture however, and will require regular painting or varnishing to maintain their healthy glow.


Steel doors are a popular choice for their security and weather resistance. They require little maintenance, are energy efficient, and offer plenty of style. On the downside, after time, dents can rust if they aren’t repaired and painted promptly.


The first thing to consider in choosing your entry door, is the architectural style of your home. That said, there’s no reason why you can’t color outside the lines a little. From Craftsmen to Mediterranean to French Doors- there’s something for everyone. The size of your entryway will also be a determining factor, especially if you desire an arched or multi-paneled entry door. The possibilities are endless. For more information on custom homes in Rancho Santa Fe, contact K. Ann Brizolis today. 

Header photo source: inspire-omemagazine.com