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The latest real estate news and insights for Rancho Santa Fe and San Diego.

This Just In

Recently, the Business Editor from the Del Mar Times called to ask my opinion on the Luxury Real Estate Market and how it differs from the Real Estate Market in general.

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One of the biggest mistakes that many sellers are making is to inflate the price of their home and then lower it if it hasn’t sold within a certain timeframe.

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Why Lenders Require Title Insurance When Refinancing Your Home

With interest rates historically low, many homeowners have become motivated to refinance their home loans. Lower rates will allow them to save a tremendous amount of money over the life of the loans.

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It's Opening Day!!

It's the Opening Day of The 2010 Real Estate Season! Having been a leading member of the Rancho Santa Fe real estate community for twenty years, I have a unique insight into the behavior and thoughts of buyers and sellers in our market.

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Timing the Real Estate Market

Timing the real estate market is deceptively simple—buy properties at a low price and sell them at a high price.

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Don't Wait to Buy Real Estate, Buy Real Estate and Wait!

If you've been sitting on the sidelines waiting for the prime opportunity to snatch up a real estate deal of a lifetime, you may want to stand up now!

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Brizolis Leads Prudential in Rancho Santa Fe

Prudential California Realty is pleased to announce that K. Ann Brizolis and Associates ranked number one in Rancho Santa Fe, and number five in San Diego County, for their sales production in 2009.

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Interested in a Short Sale? You May be Waiting Awhile!

With so many homeowners delinquent on their mortgages, the number of short sales hitting the market has increased dramatically, particularly over the last year.

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Commitment to our Clients

As we welcome the New Year, understanding the challenges that we faced in the real estate industry in 2009 will better prepare us for the opportunities that will present themselves in 2010.

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